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Lifetime Guarantee To You


Because we use the best materials and fit using approved methods, we can guarantee our work for 7 years or as long as you own the vehicle*.


Most companies can't or won't offer this pledge to its customers. Why? We don't know! All we can tell you is we have enough confidence in both our products and the skill of our workforce to give you this guarantee.


Our guarantee is backed by a Five Million Pound insurance policy for your peace of mind.


*This guarantee does not cover malicious or accidental damage.


Your feedback is invaluable to us. Should any aspect of our service not meet your expectations, we encourage you to share your thoughts. Your insights are crucial in our ongoing quest to refine and enhance our offerings, whether it pertains to this website or any other facet of our operations. Your input is not just welcomed; it's essential for our continuous improvement.

Our Full Terms and Conditions 


All transactions are covered by these conditions.

Our Service Commitment:
When you engage My Car Glass for vehicle glass repair or replacement, you are entering into an agreement governed by our terms and conditions. This agreement becomes effective the moment you schedule an appointment with us. In cases where our service is part of an insurance claim and you are not the policyholder, it's understood that you have the full authority of the policyholder in your interactions with us.


Scheduling Appointments:
Our services are provided by appointment at a mutually agreed location. Please note that our ability to perform work is contingent on suitable weather conditions; adverse weather may necessitate rescheduling. We strive to adhere to the estimated arrival times, but please be aware that external factors beyond our control could impact our engineers' schedules. In such instances, we'll make every effort to keep you informed about any delays. It's important to note that My Car Glass does not bear financial liability for losses incurred due to these scheduling changes.


Working Hours and Additional Charges:
Our standard operating hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm

  • Saturdays: 8.30am to 1.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

Services rendered outside these hours incur additional fees:

  • £50.00 for cars and Light Goods Vehicles (LGV)

  • £80.00 for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) Please be aware that Bank Holidays may also attract extra charges, unless otherwise specified in our agreement.

Your Payment Process:
When you make a payment while scheduling an appointment with My Car Glass, we securely hold this payment until we start working on your vehicle. Once we commence our work, we retain the right to keep any payments made. This policy ensures a smooth transaction process and aligns with our commitment to quality service.


Windscreen Repair Policy:
Our skilled engineers assess the possibility of windscreen repairs. It's important to note that while we aim to effectively repair damages, we cannot guarantee the cosmetic appearance post-repair. Some residual signs of damage may remain, which is common. Our primary goal is to stabilise the damage and restore the windscreen's structural integrity. If, within 48 hours, you are dissatisfied with the repair's visual outcome, we offer the option of a windscreen replacement at an additional cost. However, the nature of glass repair is such that we cannot assure success in every case; there's an inherent risk of further cracking during the process. Should this occur, we'll provide a replacement option, taking into consideration any payments or excesses already made. You are not obliged to accept this offer.


Liability for Hardware Damage: I
n cases where windscreen damage may have affected other vehicle components not immediately visible or known, My Car Glass is not liable for the costs associated with repairing such damage or recalibrating technical equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, components like Head-up Displays (HUD), Mounted Cameras, Rain and Light Sensors, and Door Window Regulators. Additionally, My Car Glass assumes no responsibility for any aftermarket attachments fitted to your windscreen. Our policy is designed to clearly define our scope of service and liability, ensuring transparency and understanding with our clients.


Pre-Work Damage Documentation:
Before commencing any work on your vehicle, our engineer will meticulously document any visible damage. This process ensures a clear understanding of the vehicle's condition prior to our intervention. Please be aware that My Car Glass is not liable for the repair costs of any damage, visible or otherwise, that existed before our work began. This policy is to ensure fairness and transparency in our service provision.

ADAS Windscreens Specialisation:
Vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), such as Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Collision Sensor Cameras (CSC), and Forward Collision Warning (FCW), often require specialised attention. Post-windscreen replacement, these systems, including LDW, CSC, and FCW cameras, may need recalibration as specified by vehicle manufacturers. Following the completion of our work, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to arrange and bear the cost of recalibrating these systems. This can be done through a specialist service provider or the vehicle's dealership network.


Use of Photographic Documentation:
In the course of our service, My Car Glass employs photographic devices for various purposes. These include documenting pre-existing damage, capturing vehicle registration details, recording mileage, and photographing insurance documents and MOT certificates. By engaging our services, you consent to My Car Glass using these photographs for promotional purposes when required, with the assurance that we will respect your privacy. We will not display your vehicle registration number or use any photographs that contain personal information or identifiable features of you or your vehicle. This practice is part of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of client confidentiality and service integrity.


Corrosion Policy:
My Car Glass priorities safety and quality in our services. Consequently, we cannot proceed with windscreen replacement on vehicles where the metal framework is extensively corroded and beyond immediate repair. If we detect such corrosion during our initial inspection, we will halt our service and inform you of alternative options. This approach is to ensure the highest standards of safety and service integrity.

Comprehensive Warranty:
We offer a robust 7-year warranty on all replacement work, encompassing installation quality, workmanship, and leakage. Rectification work required within normal working hours, and directly related to our original service, will be covered under this warranty. However, additional labor costs may apply if the rectification work is unrelated to the original job. Please note that this warranty is valid only if My Car Glass has been informed and authorized to conduct any necessary third-party repairs. The warranty remains applicable provided there are no pre-existing exclusions noted due to bodywork corrosion, damage, or adverse weather conditions, as recorded on a pre-work vehicle check sheet, invoice, or through photographic evidence. Moreover, the warranty is contingent upon the settlement of our charges as per the agreed terms and requires valid proof of purchase. This warranty is only applicable as long as the vehicle remains under your ownership.

Liability Limitations:
My Car Glass is not liable for any indirect losses incurred as a result of our services. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of income, loss of vehicle use, additional expenses due to loss of vehicle use, loss of business, lost profits, or any other form of economic loss or consequential damages.

Dealership and Accident Management Company Advisory:

If you opt to have a dealership or accident management company oversee repairs for damage allegedly caused by My Car Glass, be aware that their costs might significantly exceed what we would charge. These entities often offer replacement vehicle services at rates considerably higher than our organized rental costs. We will not cover the expenses of any replacement vehicle unless we have arranged the rental ourselves. Engaging such services without our direct involvement may lead to substantial personal financial liabilities. We advise allowing My Car Glass to manage the repair process directly to avoid these additional costs and risks.

Customer's Glass Policy:

Any work on a customer’s vehicle involving glass not supplied by My Car Glass, or not covered under our warranty terms, is performed at the customer's risk. This includes the removal and refitting of windscreens and other glass, as well as fitting customer-supplied windscreens and glass. We emphasise that no compensation will be provided in the event of breakage occurring during or after the fitment process.

Safe Drive-Away and Washing Guidelines:

Following a windscreen replacement, it is imperative to adhere to the drive-away times as advised by our engineer. My Car Glass is not liable for any issues that arise if the vehicle is moved before the recommended time. Additionally, the vehicle should not be washed for 48 hours post-replacement to allow the urethane to cure properly. Any leaks or issues resulting from non-compliance with these guidelines will not be covered under warranty and will be subject to additional charges.

Waste Disposal Authorisation:

By availing of our services, you authorise My Car Glass to responsibly dispose of any damaged vehicle glass at an authorised waste treatment facility.

Policy Validation Process:

We will endeavour to validate the details of your insurance policy to confirm coverage for our services. However, we do not guarantee the extent of your policy cover, and it's important to acknowledge this limitation.

Insurance Claim Procedure:

In the event of an insurance claim, we will review your policy to determine any applicable excess that you need to pay. We will then claim the remaining fee balance from your insurer. If we are unable to validate your policy details in advance, we will rely on the information you have provided. We reserve the right to recover payment for our services under all circumstances, including situations where the information provided by you is incorrect. You are responsible for the full cost of our service, and if you have glass cover, you may be able to claim a part of the cost under your insurance policy. When making a claim through My Car Glass, you agree to pay any stated excess on your policy, and we may collect the balance of our fee from your insurer. Should your insurer decline cover, you agree to pay us the usual retail price for the service performed.

VAT Registration Policy:
For VAT-registered policyholders, VAT charges apply to our services. When booking an appointment, you may have already paid VAT based on the standard material costs for your vehicle. However, if unexpected materials like trims or clips are required, the total price and corresponding VAT may change. In such cases, you agree to cover the additional costs and VAT. Conversely, should the costs decrease, My Car Glass commits to refunding the difference in costs and VAT.

Trade/Fleet Accounts Terms:

When payments for our services are made through trade or company accounts, specific trade/company terms take precedence over the general terms outlined above. My Car Glass reserves the right to revoke any discounts or cancel agreed prices or special rates if the account is not settled within the specified credit term of one calendar month from the invoice date.

Fraud Prevention Measures:

At My Car Glass, we diligently work to prevent credit card fraud. Consequently, we reserve the right to decline payments made by debit or credit card if we suspect potential fraud against us or the cardholder.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Customers should verify with our engineer or branch which payment methods are acceptable. It's important to note that we do not accept cheques as a form of payment unless specifically authorized by our office at the time of booking.

Title and Ownership:

Ownership of goods supplied and installed under this contract remains with My Car Glass until full payment of all outstanding monies is received. The contracting party is reminded that the contract is with the insured, and responsibility for settlement rests with them unless satisfactory payment is made by their insurers. In the event that insurers do not make payment within 30 days, the liability for settlement falls to the insured, with immediate payment required. Non-compliance with these terms may result in the involvement of third-party debt collectors to recover outstanding dues.

These terms and conditions override any other contractual terms and conditions of the contracting party, regardless of how or when they are communicated.

My Car Glass, a trading name of Apache Windscreens Ltd, strictly adheres to these terms to ensure clarity, fairness, and professionalism in all transactions and services provided.


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