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  • Can you come to my house or workplace
    We offer a free mobile service, where we come to you! Our mobile service is on offer all year round, and we’ll come to any location at a time convenient to you.
  • How much do windscreens cost to replace
    The price of a windscreen depends on your car's make and model. If your insurance policy does not cover glass damage, don't worry - we can still save you money by offering you a competitive quote for windscreen replacement. We save you money by working with lower margins. Just fill out this Form and we will provide a Quick Quote. If you have insurance that covers all or part of the windscreen replacement, you don’t need to contact your insurance company we can check your policy (Check My Policy )and we’ll liaise with your insurer for you!
  • After having a windscreen replaced can I drive the car straight away?
    You leave the car stationary for at least one hour to allow the glue to set and bond to the metal of the vehicle.
  • How can I pay for my windscreen replacement?
    My Car Glass can take all types of payment: Cash, Card, Bank transfer. We also provide a 0% Interest Free Credit the cost is spread over 4 monthly payments
  • Are the windscreen and repair services guaranteed?
    All our work is guaranteed. If any windscreen, side or rear window that we have fitted leaks or fails for any reason (other than those beyond our control) we will rectify the problem free of charge.
  • Are windscreen repairs acceptable for the MOT test?
    We aim to repair to and above MOT standards.
  • Can you repair a chip in the driver's field of view?
    Repairs are possible in this area, however caution must be expressed if the repair is in the driver's immediate area of vision because it may still fail an MOT. The driver’s line of sight is centred in the middle of the steering wheel area and typically spans 30cm wide. If the driver’s vision is impaired due to a chip or crack in their eyeline, the damage may be repaired if the diameter does not exceed 10mm. If the damage is more than 10mm, the entire windscreen will need to be replaced.
  • How much will it cost and will my insurance pay for it?
    On fully comprehensive policies almost every insurance company will pay for the repair without it affecting your no claims bonus. However if the windscreen needs to be replaced your insurance company may charge an excess. If your windscreen is found to be non-repairable My Car Glass will pay up to 50% of your excess. Please complete this simple form and we will check your insurance for you.
  • How long do I have to wait before I can drive the car after having a chip repaired?
    How long dThe car can be driven immediately after the repair is completed.o I have to wait before I can drive the car?
  • How strong is the repair to my chipped windscreen?
    The repair is actually stronger than the undamaged glass.
  • Is the repair to the windscreen damage permanent?
    Yes. Once the repair is complete the repair will be permanent.
  • My insurance policy does not cover for windscreen damage?
    If you do not have 'glass cover' on your insurance policy then contact My Car Glas for one very competitive quote for windscreen replacement and repair. Or fill our Quick Quote Form.
  • Do My Car Glass replace door glass?
    Yes My Car Glass can replace your door glass on any car, van or truck Our latest software will identify the correct glass eliminating any guesswork. We can come to your home or workplace to replace the damaged glass.
  • My heated back window has been smashed. Can My Car Glass replace the heated rear window?
    Yes, My Car Glass can replace the heated rear window on any vehicle. Our latest software will identify the correct glass eliminating any guesswork.
  • Do My Car Glass deal with insurance companies?
    Yes we do. If you have fully comprehensive insurance then your vehicle glass is usually covered by your car insurance.
  • What paper work do I need to claim through my insurance?
    All you will need is a copy of your Certificate of Motor Insurance to show our technician. Or simply fill our online insurance form and we will do the rest.
  • Do I have to pay anything to my insurance?
    No. Depending on your policy cover My Car Glass will take an glass excess from you. and invoice the remainder to your insurance company. However My Car Glass can contribute towards your excess saving you uo to 50% of your excess.
  • Do I need to contact my insurance company?
    My Car Glass will contact the insurance company on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

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