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Does Windscreen Replacement Count as a Claim? Insight

windscreen replacement by my car glass

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Windscreen Damage: At, we know that comprehensive car insurance policies in the UK typically include windscreen cover. This coverage is designed to handle repairs or replacements of windscreens without causing significant out-of-pocket expenses for the policyholder. However, the nature of these claims and their impact on your insurance terms, such as the no claims bonus (NCB), can vary significantly between insurers.

Windscreen Replacement Impact on No Claims Bonus (NCB):

  • Our Experience: Based on our extensive experience dealing with a variety of insurance providers, we've observed that most do not count windscreen replacement claims against your NCB. This approach acknowledges that windscreen damage can often be beyond a driver's control and should not penalize the policyholder's risk profile.

  • Advice to Customers: We always recommend that our customers check the specifics of their insurance policy or consult directly with their provider. Understanding the nuances of your coverage ensures that there are no surprises if a claim is made.

Excess Fees for Windscreen Claims:

  • Navigating Excess Payments: assists customers in understanding and, when possible, minimizing the excess fees associated with windscreen claims. While these fees are a standard part of the claims process, their amount can vary. Knowing your policy's details can save time and money.

  • Reduced Excess for Repairs: Many insurers offer a reduced excess fee for windscreen repairs compared to replacements. In some cases, such as minor chip repairs, the excess might even be waived. provides a hassle-free service, often directly billing your insurance company to simplify the process for you.

Policy Variations and the Importance of Windscreen Cover:

  • Expert Guidance: Not all policies automatically include windscreen cover, and the terms can differ.'s team is adept at guiding customers through their policy details, ensuring they understand whether windscreen damage is covered and under what conditions.

  • Promoting Safety and Value: Our priority is your safety and satisfaction. We advocate for windscreen cover as an essential component of any car insurance policy, emphasizing its value in maintaining vehicle safety and reducing potential costs from damage.

Why Trust for Your Windscreen Claims

  • 30 Years of Expertise: With over three decades in the automotive glass industry, our knowledge and relationships with insurers mean we're perfectly positioned to assist with your windscreen claims.

  • Unbeatable Windscreen Replacement Service: Our commitment to speed, quality, and competitive pricing ensures that your experience is second to none. Whether you're dealing with a chip or a crack, we're here to help, often without affecting your NCB.

  • Comprehensive Support: From advising on insurance policy specifics to handling the claims process, offers comprehensive support to our customers across Greater London, London, Hertfordshire, and Middlesex.


At, we understand the nuances of insurance claims for windscreen damage and work tirelessly to ensure our customers receive the best possible advice and service. While windscreen replacements typically count as a claim, the impact on your insurance terms like NCB can vary. We're here to guide you through the process, ensuring your safety and satisfaction every step of the way. Trust for all your windscreen repair and replacement needs, where quality service and customer care are always our top priorities.

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