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1965 Classic Mini Cooper: Windscreen Repair at

Updated: Apr 13

Welcome to My Car Glass, the premier destination for windscreen repair and replacement in London and its surrounding areas. Celebrated by leading car enthusiasts, we excel in delivering expert windscreen solutions for classic car aficionados and racing enthusiasts alike. With over 30 years of heritage in automotive glass services, our commitment is unmatched in providing state-of-the-art windscreen technology and ensuring your vehicle not only showcases impeccable style but also achieves peak performance, whether it's navigating city streets or dominating on the racetrack.

Spotlight Project: The 1965 Classic Mini Cooper S Makeover

Dive into our passion for classic cars with our spotlight project, the beautifully restored 1965 Classic Mini Cooper S. This project underscores our expertise, featuring a brand-new windscreen installation by our skilled fitters, Alan and Alan. Their exceptional craftsmanship reflects our reverence for the storied past of British car manufacturing, merging seamless functionality with the Mini's timeless charm. This dedication extends across various Mini Cooper models, including the Mini Cooper Classic, Mini Cooper S, and Mini John Cooper Works, each known for their distinctive design and spirited performance.

Why My Car Glass?

  • Unmatched Accountability: Our team of highly experienced professionals sets the industry standard for quality and reliability in every installation, ensuring your vehicle meets the highest benchmarks.

  • Uncompromised Clarity: We provide only the best quality glass, offering crystal clear visibility essential for every journey and high-speed adventure.

  • Precision Performance: Understanding that every component affects your car's performance, we approach each installation with meticulous care. Our expertise extends beyond preserving classics to enhancing the capabilities of modern racers.

Crafting Beyond Fitting: When Passion Meets Perfection

At My Car Glass, we see each installation as more than a task—it's a commitment to excellence. Our love for cars drives us to restore the beauty and power of both vintage classics and modern racers, ensuring they stand out on the streets of London and beyond. Whether it's bringing a cherished classic back to its former glory or equipping a racer with durable windscreens, we're here to make it happen.

Drive My Car Glass in Style

Embrace the fusion of speed and style with My Car Glass. Enhance your classic or racing car's performance and aesthetics with our professional care. Join a passionate community that values heritage, performance, and craftsmanship above all. With My Car Glass, your vehicle will not only turn heads but also deliver on the track.


At, we are proud to be your trusted partner in safeguarding your vehicle's windscreen and ensuring your safety on the road. With our experience, dedication to quality, and a proven track record, we assure you of having all that you will require to be met and even surpassed. Talk to us today and feel the difference MyCarGlass has to offer and proceed to safer, smoother driving with us.

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